March 27, 2019

Terms of Use


By reading the given terms of use you will come to know about your rights and obligations while using this website . By using the services provided by this Company/website you are agreed to comply and you are bounded by the terms and conditions (Terms of use) of this website, which are explained as in the section below. Please use the services if you are accepted these terms of use.


  1. You should not use our website / any material beyond the terms to use or in any other l manner or in the way which can adversely harm our services or reputation.
  2. You should not interfere with any other user’s work on our website.
  3. You should not carry out any activity beyond the terms to use while using our website which is offensive, illegal or abusive in any sense.
  4. You should not introduce any product which is malicious and can limit or destroy our website functionality. The products include viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material which may be malicious.
  5. You should not use any services which is different from the properties listed by the agents and your own personal use.
  6. You should not use any automated software to access our website. The use of these automated programs and software is strictly unauthorised.
  7. The material or information should not copy without our prior permission.
  8. You should not apply any link to this website without our prior consent/approval.
  9. You are bound not to copy or transmit the data under copyright without our approval.


  1. Many of the services provided by the website can be used without registration, but there are some services which are accessible only after registration.
  2. The registration process is required to justify your identity which is required to use some services and you must be over eighteen years of age.
  3. The information provided by you during registration must be correct, genuine and up-to-date must be based on authentic record.
  4. The password generated during registration process is your responsibility to keep it secure and we shall not be responsible if it is used in any illegal manner by any one on your disclosure.
  5. You gave us permission by registering with our website to send emails related to our services, third party services and also about your account.
  6. You must inform us immediately if your account is used for unauthorized access or your account details are leaked or any other security breach about which you are aware ..


  1. The content on our website is posted by you to us and other users. We can use, display and also can recreate this material.
  2. The content you post on our website must be accurate and genuine.
  3. The content you post on our website should not contain any material which is abusive, unethical or may intrude the intellectual property rights of any other third party.
  4. This material can be edited and removed at any time by us.


  1. As we are not a property estate agent and all properties are submitted by agents, therefore you are responsible for ensuring the details about property are genuine or not before taking your final decision.
  2. We are having a strong check on details but as they are submitted by agents we are giving no guarantee about their accuracy.
  3. You must ensure to take legal advice before any purchase; it is your entire responsibility.
  4. We will not be get involved in conversation between you and agent.


  1. Nothing in these terms shall limit our liability towards you for any kind of accident, injury or death caused by our laxity or negligence or for fraud or for misrepresentation.
  2. Neither we nor any third party shall liable for any damage caused to you when you are using their website or when they are using your website.
  3. If you are not agreed with our terms of use the only remedy for this is to stop using our services.


  1. We do our best to ensure that the details about the products and services are correct, but we are not giving guarantee that it is correct or complete.
  2. As the material is provided by agents you must ensure yourself that the information is right or up to the mark. We are never responsible for any kind of loss caused to you.
  3. We try our best to provide you error free service for 24*7, but there is no guarantee that no discontinuity happens.
  4. We can stop any service or remove any part of the website at any time without any prior notice, this right is reserved to us and no claim, what so ever, shall be entrtained at any stage..
  5. If you have any problem from any of our services, content material and you are not satisfied to the service then you should contact


  1. We reserve our this right with us that we can make changes in the ‘Terms of use’ without any prior notice to you.
  2. These changes come into the power at the same time they are updated to the website.


  1. We may discontinue any part or service or change the content of the website at any time without any prior notice.
  2. As you are using our services you are bound and abide  to these ‘Terms of Use’.
  3. If any court suspends any part of these terms, then the remaining terms excluding the former will be applicable automatically.
  4. The ‘Terms of Use’ and other policies present on this website consludes the agreement between you and us.
  5. All the issues in this agreement including ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Terms of use’ are governed under law of England and Wales.

If you have any doubts, question or suggestion you please contact us.