February 17, 2019

Home Buyer Survey

What is Home Buyer Survey?

Home buyers survey

What are important elements in home I should know before I buy?

Home is much more than just bricks and mortar with wood and glass. Below diagram will provide you have good overview about what elements you must be aware in the home before you buy.

Typical Home Diagram

What is included in home buyer survey?

It completely depend on what type of survey you want surveyor carry out. Below table will provide a good understanding about the type of survey, what is cover and for what type of home its recommended.

Type of SurveyWhat it includesSuitable for type of homeOur Price
RICS Condition Report (survey level one)
Provides an overview of the property’s condition using traffic light ratings.

Relatively new properties with no known issues.

RICS HomeBuyer Report (Survey only – survey level two)
Reports on surface-level issues including damp and subsidence. Offers advice on repairs and maintenance and may include a market valuation and rebuild cost.Most standard properties that are in a reasonable condition.
RICS HomeBuyer Report (Survey and Valuation – survey level two)

Elements in both level 1 and level 2 reports.Depend on situation.
RICS Building Survey (survey level three)
Analyses the structure and condition of the property, advises on defects and maintenance.Home 50+ years old or unusual homes, renovation projects, and properties in a poor condition.
Home Condition Survey (offered by the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) rather than RICS
Full inspection and comprehensive report.For all type of homes
New-build snagging report Identify minor issue to major defects like carpet, door or structural those should be fixed before moving in.New home

Do I really need to home buyer survey?

Whilst buying a home you would be spending loads of money and a survey can seem like an unnecessary expense on top of all others. However, it’s far better to be aware of any problems before you buy a home.

  • It will give you peace of mind if any problems are identified before you buy a house.
  • The survey can allow for the reopening of negotiations with the house seller on the price.
  • You could agree with the house seller that they complete any repairs before you move in.
  • You may wish to rethink your purchase of that property.
  • You can budget for any repairs that need to be carried out.

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